May 18, 2024

AKA’s Death Is not a Feeling that Disappears – Steffan Forbes

AKA’s Death Is not a Feeling that Disappears – Steffan Forbes

Months after the death of his brother Kiernan Forbes who is better known as AKA, Steffan Forbes makes a return to social media. The death of the South African rapper left questions in the minds of people all over the world. It was even more jarring because AKA died at the peak of his career when he was already an established artist with millions to his name and several well-selling records. Aka’s death left his family and friends in a state of deep shock with most of them finding it hard to recover from the jarring loss. This article features his brother’s perspective on Aka’s death and attempts to answer some of the questions still lingering in the minds of fans months after the sad incident.

Steffan’s View on AKA’s Death

No one ever fully prepares for the death of a loved one. It is usually a very traumatic and painful experience that no one wants. It is even worse when that person was a close family relative like in the case of Steffan and AKA. We’ve seen that the two brothers seemed to have a strong bond before AKA passed away on 10th February 2023. The very last post on Steffan’s Instagram post was the one dedicated to AKA’s birthday shortly before he died.

It’s clear that Steffan is still struggling with processing the grief of losing his brother. With his recent return to Instagram, he revealed this in the caption to his post which stated “It’s not a feeling that disappears; you learn to live with it”. Immediately, everyone understood that the cryptic post was really about AKA’s death and how it wasn’t possible for the feeling of such loss to simply disappear overnight.

For those who have been watching closely, you can see that even though Steffan withdrew into his private space since the incident, he remains intentional about dropping certain hints regarding his brother’s death. It’s almost as if he is deliberately leaving clues for people to know that AKA’s death was planned and someone in his inner circle knew about it. Ever since his passing, Steffan who is AKA’s younger brother, has been leaving bits and pieces of his perspective on his brother’s death

The other time in March, he was quoted talking about snakes in the circle, which was essentially referring to the fact that there was a mole among them. However, he refused to dive deeper and expose who the said “snake” was. The exact post on his Instagram was the words “Save it” coupled with an emoji of a snake. This stirred up South Africans who turned their minds back to how AKA died, which brings us to the question; what really happened on that day?

What happened on that day AKA died?

With the limited information revealed about Aka’s death, his fans have been left to connect the dots on their own. The jarring thing about AKA’s death was the brutality and the cold-bloodedness of it. The sheer fact that it was so unexpected left fans in a state of utter concern. There are several variations of the story, but we’ll share the most popular and widely accepted one. AKA died in Durban on 10th February 2023. The rapper had just finished having dinner with his friends that Friday night. When they were done eating, they stepped outside the restaurant and headed out. They were walking unsuspectingly when two armed people edged closer to AKA. Unfortunately, this would be the very moment when the artist would get shot. What resulted immediately after was chaos as his friend rushed to AKA while the assassins fled the scene. Eventually, AKA would pass on from the impact of the gunshot wounds leaving everyone who admired him to mourn his death.

The way AKA died dropped the jaws of his fans. For one, it was a regular Friday night with people celebrating another weekend and no one expected to hear that the rapper would be gunned down at close range. Also, the fact that he lost his life at the age of 35 was another hard pill to swallow. Aka didn’t die alone as he was shot alongside his friend and associate Tebello Motsoane. Both men had dreams, goals, and aspirations that were cut short by their deaths. Even hours before he lost his life, AKA even posted his plans of launching his music album Mass Country. An album which was later released posthumously.

Some crime analysts speculate that AKA’s death could be the case of an eye for an eye. Recall that 2 years before Aka’s death, his fiancé Neli Tembe fell off the hotel building where she and AKA were lodged. The circumstances surrounding her death were mysterious, AKA was declared innocent. Even at that, there were so many people, especially Neli Tembe’s family who did not believe that their daughter’s mysterious death was an accident. Because of this, people feel that Someone from the family could have arranged for AKA assassination as a way of getting revenge. The fact that the horrific incident took place in Durban which was Neli Tembe’s hometown just further served to cement people’s belief in this rumour. Of course, all these are simply allegations that have not been proved in a court of law. Until then, we may not know the exact truth behind who killed AKA and why they did it.


There will always be questions when someone dies especially when it is a famous and wealthy celebrity like AKA. His death is sad and just goes to show the depths of human depravity and how far people can go even to the point of taking a life. Our condolences go to the rapper’s loved ones especially his daughter Kairo, his brother Steffan, and of course his parents who still miss him to this moment. The world might have known him to be AKA, but they knew him as a dad, brother, and just Kiernan. We pray that the vacuum he left in their hearts is filled with hope, consolation, and peace.

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