May 18, 2024

How Much Does Kabza De Small Amapiano Charge Per Hour

How Much Does Kabza De Small Amapiano Charge Per Hour

In South Africa, Kabza De Small is one of the most popular and talented amapiano artists. He is in fact popularly referred to as the king of Amapiano, after he released more than 3 projects in one year.

Kabza De Small is one of the South African artists you can get to perform on events, shows, parties etc. However, the only issue with having his presence is if the organizers can really pay him his worth.

Before going further at how much Kabza De Small charges for a show in 1 hour, let us take a look at how much the South African amapiano artiste might worth.

Kabza De Small Net Worth

Kabelo Petrus Motha is the real name of the amapiano artist who is mostly known by his music name Kabza De Small. For a fact, we know he is a renowned South African music artist, song producer, DJ and writer.

Undoubtedly, he is one of the finest and most popular entertainment figures in South Africa’s Amapiano music industry.

Since his music career, Kabza De Small has been gathering lots of attention and followers to his name, he has earned lots of respect and fortune to his name. After coming to the entertainment mainstream back in 2018, he has continued to fully exploit his success by dropping off high valued albums, mixtapes, eps and songs. In return, he has made a huge money for himself.

Kabza has made some high numbers on his digital streaming platforms, like YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, etc where he has hundreds of streams, and on his social media, he also has millions of followers. It is safe to add that Kabza is also a reputable social media influencer.

Together with his amapiano partner  and Dj, Dj Maphorisa they have both landed themselves some wonderful lucrative deals with some top brands in the country since 2021. Currently, Kabza De Small’s estimated net worth is approximately $2 million (Two Million Dollars).

In 2018, he rose to prominence with his song ‘Umshove’ which he released same year.

Kabza is one of the few South African artists who is actually worth a lot. Asides him, these are the most most popular, influential and high net worth amapiano artists in South Africa;

Some Other Top Amapiano Artists Include: 

DJ Jaivane – He has his real name as Luyanda Mlonzi and was born in July 9, 1992.

DJ Melzi –  A young and promising amapiano DJ who was born on 19th November 2001 and has his real name as Tumelo Mphai

DJ Maphorisa –  Together with Kabza De Small, Dj Maphorisa has risen to become the best amapiano DJ in South Africa.

Busta 929 – Busta is another wealthy amapiano artist who has also been dishing out music for years now.

How Much Does Kabza De Small Amapiano Charge Per Hour

Like we earlier stated above, Kabza De Small is worth a lot, and still can be contacted for a show in South Africa and outside the shores of South Africa. But before he agrees, one needs to know how much he will charge for his time.

Of course, Kabza charges a huge amount in thousands of dollars per show.

In South African Rands, Kabza De Small charges about R300,000 or approximately $20,ooo in dollars for a show.

On hourly basis, it is safe to say that he charges about R50,000 which is approximately $3,000 in US dollars.

If you really need him to perform or show up for a few hours, be ready to spend some thousands of dollars because he is the king of amapiano.

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