May 18, 2024

Musa Mthombeni Becomes A Certified Medical Radiologist

Musa Mthombeni Becomes A Certified Medical Radiologist

One of the questions many South African social media users ask is, Is Musa Mthombeni a real medical doctor?

For someone who is not aware of why people would be asking such questions, here is the breakdown.

Musa Mthombeni had been a professional television presenter, radio presenter and social media infleuncer, and he had been very good with his job only to announce that he is now a certified medical radiologist.

The confusion has been intense since he never revealed while he was an entertainer that he was going through medical school/training to become a medical personnel.

He perfectly covered that part of his life as we all hoped that his career would only circle around the entertainment industry, but obviously we are wrong.

Musa started his entertainment career while he was still a child, and he was good at entertaining people, he was fluent and eloquent in speech and has in fact become one of the sought-after presenters in the country. Now, you can imagine the surprise of many South African and his fans when he came through to announce that he left the entertainment industry to pursue his medical dreams.

So, to the initial question, about if Musa Mthombeni is really a certified and real medical practitioner or went through medical school, yes! He is certified.

According to the South African TV presenter and celebrity turn Radiologist,  he stated that he left the entertainment sector to proceed to his medical internship and is currently a practicing medical doctor. He even went ahead to change his biography on his Instagram account, and it now reads “diagnostic radiology registrar”.

The former TV presenter and now medical doctor Musa Mthombeni is currently married to his beautiful his wife who is still a TV broadcaster and model, former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie. The have been married for close to 2 years and they recently celebrated their 20 months of marriage on 23rd April 2023.

Musa himself says he even finds it hard to believe but is very excited for his new achievement, he also shared the med result which shows that he sat for the exam and passed it.

On his Instagram page, he wrote and he quote;

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Dr. Musawenkosi Mthokozisi Mthombeni- FC Rad Diag(SA) A “Board Certified” SPECIALIST RADIOLOGIST”.

He continued, “Liesl’s man is a Specialist which means Liesl is now also a Specialist- what a spectacular woman she is!”

“My enemies must contact AVBOB today! Right now! Update your details because I’m going to be insufferable for at least the next 18 months. If you thought I was problem before- hahaha you’re not going to hear the end of it now,” he stated.


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