May 18, 2024

Shudufhadzo Musida Goes on Vacation to Italy, View Photos

Shudufhadzo Musida Goes on Vacation to Italy, View Photos

Former Miss South Africa Shudufhadzo Musida is at it again. We’ve seen her jet through beautiful countries like Rwanda, Puerto Rico, the US, Switzerland, and Tanzania. The model who encapsulates both beauty and brains is now in Italy warming up to the gorgeous sun and colourful culture. The best part is we’ve gathered not only the juicy details about her trip, but we also have the pictures to back it up.

Really, what’s not to love about drifting off to a beautiful new city, while being surrounded by good food and a stunning ambiance? It sure looks like Shudufhadzo is having her share of all that and more on her enviable vacation to Europe. If you are a fan of the beauty and want to find out all about her trip and how she’s spending time there, then read on.


Shudufhadzo Musida has always been one to be seen in the most stylish of attires. The time she has spent in Italy is not any different as she has been seen clad in a handful of stunning clothes.

For one, she posted a picture where she was wearing a bright green ribbed turtleneck shirt. It complemented her brown skin nicely and gave a fresh summer vibe. Still, in line with the summer theme, she has also been spotted in a few other summer outfits that simply make her pop. Some of these outfits include flowy, elegant dresses that accentuate her femininity.

For her beach appearances, the model has been seen wearing several swimwear for sunbathing and of course swimming. All we can say is keep your prying eyes away. On a more serious note, Her Instagram page has been full of beautiful pictures of her time in Europe. For a high-profile pageant queen like herself, we don’t expect anything less to be honest.


Italy is known to be the home of pasta as far as we know it. Little wonder, Shudufhadzo has been digging into delicious pasta as we can see on her Instagram page. Italians are known for tasty, well-prepared food and Shudufhadzo is filling herself up with different varieties of it in black, and white, served with prawns, and some with vegetables. Another plate she seemed to gobble up pretty quickly was a dish of Burrata. For those who have no idea what a Burrata is, it’s an Italian delicacy that is essentially cheese made from cow milk. The meal is typically served with tomatoes, and vegetables, and drizzled with sauce sometimes for extra pizzaz. Shudufhadzo photographed her plate of Burrata and we believe she enjoyed every bit of it.

She has also had a Caprese salad and she likely enjoyed it just as much as she did the other foods she has eaten while in Europe. From what we’ve seen on her tour through Italy, Shudufhadzo might be a sucker for experimenting with food and trying out new flavours, but she still knows how to keep it simple and stick to a burger and milkshake when the occasion calls for it.


Italy is blessed with a rich architectural history. It’s a country with well-built buildings that anyone would love to capture in photographs. So it makes perfect sense why Shudufhadzo would want to choose a place like that to spend some time. Apart from the pleasant memories and experiences that she’s making just by being on vacation, Shudufhadzo is also intentional about capturing these memories in pictures of herself and her fans who are at the edge of their seats literally waiting for her vacation updates on social media.

Shudufhadzo is making the best of her vacation by shooting captivating pictures of her in some of Italy’s most stunning buildings. The model was spotted in Portofino Coast, Italy and people couldn’t help but be in awe of the astonishingly gorgeous view. Portofino is a cozy Italian village. It is a coastal village which explains all the seafood and beach pictures that we’ve been getting from Shudufhadzo. The angle from which she took the pictures easily showed the beautiful architecture of a barricade that overlooked the graceful mountains from the distance. Even the stone wall hallways make it to the list of picturesque spots that Shudufhadzo has been photographed in during her vacation in Italy.

Mystery white man

When a white man appeared in her vacation pictures, fans were honestly shocked. Almost everyone wanted to know who the man was and why he was in Shudufhadzo’s pictures. Some of her fans did not ask while the nosy ones couldn’t bear to keep their thoughts to themselves.

The speculations and news surrounding the picture were that the man was a new boyfriend whom she was now dating. However, those ideas turned out to be very false. As the questions flowed into the comment section of Shudufhadzo’s social media page, she later revealed that she only used the mystery white man as a meme.

That unexpected reply left fans with mouths shut and Musa, the infamous blogger quickly deleted his tweet where he claimed that the two were dating. So if you are one of those fans who have already planned a wedding in your head between Shudufhadzo and the white man, I want you to nip that idea in the bud, because it’s probably not happening any time soon or even ever.


Shudufhadzo has proved that she is not one to hold back when it comes to traveling and touring the world. We totally understand why she splurges on these travels; because the experiences and memories one gets are unmatched. From the look of things, she doesn’t seem to be tired of seeing the world. Seeing the former Miss SA explore the world has been thrilling to watch. It might have been Paris and Puerto Rico some time ago and even Italy today, but if we are being honest, we can’t wait to see the next big city she has in mind to jet off to.

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