May 18, 2024

Unathi Celebrates 22 Years In The SA Entertainment Industry

Unathi Celebrates 22 Years In The SA Entertainment Industry

Nkayi Unathi is the real name of the female South African radio and TV presenter who was born on 6th November 1978 in Makhanda.

Unathi Nkayi who’s 45 years old in 2023 is a socialite, and has been in the South African entertainment industry for decades. She has a very strong fanbase and has lots of followers on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Apple, Spotify etc.

Unathi was married to Thomas Msengana. They both got married back in 2009, (September 19th). It was such a private wedding that there is no image of the ceremony anywhere on the internet. Unathi Nkayi and Thomas Msengana have two kids  together; their son’s name is Sinako while their daughter’s name Imboyothando.

Sadly, Unathi and Thomas Msengana’s marriage hit a rock in 2017 as they divorced. The divorce happened because of infidelity issues. In fact, Unathi filed for divorce after finding some nude photos and some implicating chats while she was with Thomas back in 2014. The chats and files were on Thomas Msengana’s cell phone and her chats were with another woman.

Unathi is popularly known to be on the news headline most of the time; from her marriage, personal lifestyle, legal cases, to her work place.

The radio and TV presenter Unathi Nkayi some months ago was in a legal battle with her former employer at Kaya 959. The details of the case and what exactly caused the strife between the two parties were not exactly known, except for rumors. She promised to share more information about the case, we have not heard from her.

What we do know from the surface about the case is that, Nkayi some months back sued and took her former employer and radio station to court because she felt her job was terminated unlawfully in 2021. It was reported that Nkayi was terminated from Kaya 959 because she engaged in a heated argument with in her former workplace with her former colleague whose name is Sizwe Dhlomo.

The popular South African celebrity and former SA Idols host recently went online to celebrate the number of years she has been a presenter and entertainment celebrity.

She announced on her social media, about her life, her job in the industry and going for work even while being pregnant.

Generally, Unathi feels thankful for her fans and South Africans for being with her, supporting her while she passes her private life and work ordeal for more than 22 years now.

In her exact social media update, we quote some of her status which says; “2004 I was pregnant with my first born as I hosted Pop Stars South Africa. Never in a million years would I have expected to have had such a wonderful career for this long. This morning let me thank you SouthAaa for your love over the last 22 years. Here’s to another 22 with you,”she stated.

We wish Unathi more successful career, more years ahead and if she wishes, a better man with whom she can take care of their family.

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