May 18, 2024

Rathebe From Skeem Saam

Who is Rathebe From Skeem Saam? Real Name, Age, and Biography

Many of you watched Skeem Saam and instantly took note of Sergeant Rathebe. Her character was smart and witty. The confidence she exuded on the show served to captivate the audience and leave them wanting to know more about her. You might be wondering what her real life is like and what her real name is to start with. We have all your questions about Rathebe completely answered in thiswrite-up. Right away, we’ll tell you all we know about Rathebe from Skeem Sam

Full & real name Gontse Ntshegang
Known stage name Sergeant Rathebe
Age 40 as of 1st July 2023
Date of birth  1st July 1983
Net worth $400,000
Salary Not Known
Place of birth Rustenburg, Northwest, South Africa.
Nationality South African
Occupation Actress
Height 160 cm
Marital status Not certain
Parents (Father/Mother) Not Known
Child/children Not Known
Known relatives (brothers/ sisters) Not Known
Educational Qualification National School of Arts

Wits University

Hairstyle Low cut hair
Social media Instagram: @gontsentshegang

Facebook: Gontse Ntshegang

No Twitter account

Contact details Not Known

Who is Rathebe From Skeem Saam?

Rathebe is a character from Skeem Saam. She was a sergeant easily identified on the show for her wits and smart casual uniform. Her character presented a shocking turn in the show and this generated even more attention on the character. The role of Sergeant Rathebe was portrayed by Gontse Ntshegang.

Rathebe From Skeem Saam Real Name

The real name of Rathebe From Skeem Saam Gontse Ntshegang. She even goes by these names on her social media accounts.

Rathebe From Skeem Saam Biography

Gontse Ntshegang was born on 1st July 1983 in Rustenburg, Northwest, South Africa. This means that 1st July 2023 marks her 40th birthday! The actress speaks English and Setswana. Although Gontse thrives in the spotlight as an actress, at the same time, she is a very private person who would rather keep her personal life to herself. Because of this, she hasn’t revealed much of what growing up looked like for her. We hardly know anything about her mother, father, or siblings. In addition, we also have no idea who she is married to or if she is even married at all. Whether she has children or not is still a mystery to date, but we do know that she loves taking care of children as shown on her social media page.

The actress seems to have a bubbly, yet straightforward personality from what we’ve seen of her interactions with others. She is obviously intelligent too as we can tell from her educational qualification and experience which we will talk about in the next section.


The actress got educated at the National School of Arts. That was where she studied Fine Arts. After some time, she decided to take it up a notch and get a proper education in Drama at Wits University. It wasn’t until then that she got a solid formal background in Drama education. From her educational qualification, we can see that it is very obvious that Gonste is very skilled and has the qualifications to match. We are proud of her and the heights she has attained.


From DSTV to Etv, Gontse is no stranger to the big screen. She has been blessed with opportunities that have launched her not only onto drama series but also to the big theatre stages. For instance, the Lion and the Jewel Production was one of the big-time projects that she bagged. The show helped to further cement her place in the acting industry. Throughout her career, she has won several awards. The awards she has gotten are a testament to her skills and incredible work ethic.

A few of the many projects that Gontse has worked on are Muvhnago, Laugh out loud, Soul City, The Queen, Bone of my bone, Six Characters in search of an Author Mampatile, and many more. She doesn’t even seem to be slowing down with her acting career anytime soon. It’s something she takes very seriously. With the pace at which Gontse is going, it looks as though she still has the desire to keep performing in the South African Entertainment industry. In that case, we wish her all the best of luck.

Love Life

Gontse Ntshegang’s is rumoured to be married with children. This has not been confirmed or debunked by her yet, but solely based on scrolling through her Instagram pictures; you can easily observe that she posted a picture of a younger girl who resembles her closely. In one of such posts, she used the caption “Let’s love the children ”, so we can’t really tell for sure whether it was her child or not. The actress is one of those people who like to keep their relationship under wraps. We understand that some celebrities don’t like to be open about who they are dating because of the unwarranted probing and invasion of privacy.

Social media

While Gontse Ntshegang manages to keep her life private, she knows how to maintain a healthy balance and engage her fans on social media channels. The actress is active on Instagram with the username and Facebook with the username. On these two platforms, she showcases pieces of her life and keeps us updated on acting projects such as The Parrot Woman that she is working on. Even though Gontse doesn’t tell us much about her personal life, we still have the consolation that she shares a part of it with her fans through social media.


A true African beauty, Gontse’s passion for TV and film has led her down a path of glitz and glamour. She takes her occupation as an actress very seriously and strives to bring out the best in every role that she comes across. Gontse is a star in every sense of the word. She handles every role she’s assigned with an incredible work ethic. Little wonder she is so successful in her career. Now you know the basics of what there is to know about the talented actress who acted as Sergeant Rathebe in Skeem Saam.

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