May 18, 2024

Sabelo Mgube Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Sabelo Mgube Biography, Age, Wife

Below, we have shared some information about Sabelo Mgube, including his wife Gogo maweni. Some of the information about Sabelo which you may find below include; Sabelo Mgube net worth, age, wife, short profile, etc.

Sabelo Mgube Biography

South African Sabelo Mgube is the husband of sangoma Gogo Maweni, the duo have been in the news headline many times, with their marriage, business and private affairs being shared on the internet regularly. When sangoma Gogo Maweni, the wife of Sabelo began her reality show, she shared what exactly happens in her family in real time, and so many have been criticizing her husband Sabelo, however in general, he seems to be a loving husband and a responsible man.

Before we head on, it is pertinent to note that Sabelo Mgube is a male South African socialite who was born and raised in South Africa. Asides his relaity shows, acting, and other entertainment profession, he is a renowned businessman and is married to the popular female star, Sangoma Gogo Maweni.

Sabelo Mgube Age

Well, Sabelo has not exactly stated how old he is, but from some of the happenings in their life, we can give an estimate of how old he could be.

In his last birthday celebration, his wife wrote some birthday messages to him, and one of which she said; “My husband and I are going to Dubai and then Hong Kong. That is our celebration together because his birthday is on the 12th of September, and mine is on the 29th of August, and since we are both Virgos, we decided to just travel for a week and a couple of days.”

From the information above, it is clear the Sabelo Mgube was born on 12th September, while his wife was born on 29th August.

Going further, Gogo Maweni stated that she was born in 1986, so she was 37 years old. This year 2024, it is now a fact that Sabelo’s wife is 38 years old, and so Sabelo should be at least 39 years toabout 45 years old.

Gogo Maweni alos wished her husband a happy birthday, and she said; “Happy birthday to the love of my life. You are proof that not all superheroes wear capes. Keep glowing, my love! I cannot imagine my life without you. “Thank you for always showering me with love and care.”

“Happy birthday! ♥️ Next week, we will be travelling the world celebrating YOU! I love you.”

Sabelo Mgube Wife

Sabelo Mgube is married to the Glam-ngoma LeeAnn Makopo, who is mostly called Gogo Maweni. And the mother once stated that she will be expanding her business which will includes construction and real estate.

The wife of Sabelo, Gogo Maweni is a very controversial female celebrity. She enjoys the thrills that comes from being on the news irrespective of the reason of her trending. In fact, when she announced her new business venture, she went live on Instagram where she took on a sledgehammer and headed to demolish the frontage of a property located in Johannesburg.

Sabelo Mgube 2024 Net Worth

Many times, Sabelo Mgube has been under criticism especially because it was felt that he rather enjoys the wealth of his wife Gogo Maweni. This criticism was intensified when they began their reality show, as it clearly shows that his wife is wealthier. People have therefore been wondering what Sabelo does, and his net worth. Here we have the answer.

Sabelo Mgube is the CEO and founder of Velabahleke Events hire, which is a company responsible for planning of events, especially celebrity events. His company takes care of all logistics including the equipments to hire, organization etc. Sabelo’s company has been used many times by some celebrities like Cassper Nyovest when he did his his Billiato party.

Asides the event planning company, he also owns Velabahleke Shuttle services. He hires luxury cars for people for some fee. He started the second company in 2022.

Apparently, Sabelo Mgube is a multimillionaire in Rands, his networth is said to be around R7 million.

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