May 18, 2024

Biography, Real Name And Age Of Leemckrazy, The Amapiano Artist Behind The Trending Songs, "Shona Kwelanga" & "Umaqondana"

Biography, Real Name And Age Of Leemckrazy, The Amapiano Artist Behind The Trending Songs, “Shona Kwelanga” & “Umaqondana”

For the lovers of South African amapiano, the name Leemckrazy may not be strange as he has been sharing some excellent amapiano songs, and his most recent music are “Shona Kwelanga” & “Umaqondana”. By previewing these songs, we believe that Leemckrazy might be actively working on a new amapiano project. On this page, you can find some information about the artist like his real age and birth name.

Apparently, the artist has shared the snippets of these songs as a form of promotion, and so far his plans are working effortlessly as many people who listened to the songs have been dancing to them, sharing and asking for more information about the amapiano music.

We have therefore some basic information about the artist behind the upcoming songs as many have been asking about the name and identity of the artist behind the infectious music.

Leemckrazy Biography

Leemckrazy is a super talented young artist who was born and raised in Diepkloof, Soweto in South Africa. According him, he believes that he has been destined to make music since he began to produce and release music from a very young age. He lived with his family till he finished his education, and chose his career path a a musician.

Leemckrazy Real name

The male artist, LeeMcKrazy, has his real name as Linda Mnisi. Most people do not know him by his birth name, but his stage name Leemckrazy.

Leemckrazy Age

The South African amapiano singer, Leemckrazy is currently 24-year-old in 2024. He was born in the year 2000. And he started his music career in 2021 when he released his studio album called Intando ka God in December, 2021.

Leemckrazy Trending Amapiano Songs

Shona Kwelanga Song – Three days ago, a YouTube channel owned by The Yanos shared a snippet of the upcoming music from LeeMckrazy. From the music snippet, it was sure that Bassie along with Ranger, Amaza and Dj Zimmy featured on the unreleased music called Shona kwelanga. Unfortunately, Leemckrazy has not revealed the official release date of his upcoming song.

Umaqondana Song By Leemckrazy –  About two weeks ago, Leemckrazy through his TikTok account revealed the preview of his upcoming amapiano song. Sadly, he did not share the release date, cover art nor any solid information about the song. Since the music is not in its full version, he did not share it on his YouTube page.


Leemckrazy is a relatively new artist in the South African music industry, and he has dedicated his time and craft to amapiano music production.

The upcoming amapiano singer has made his presence known on some digital platforms like Apple Music, Instagram, and YouTube, where he interacts with his fans, and share new music when he is done with its production.

Through his social handles like TikTok, YouTube etc, Leemckrazy has been promoting his new Amapiano music and engaging with his  audience.

To book him for his services, please contact him via his official mail – [email protected] or his official mobile number +27(79)597-7953

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