May 18, 2024

Who Is Dj Ermy?

Dj Ermy : Who is Dj Ermy? Biography, Songs

Dj Ermy – South African is an African country blessed with so many talents, especially in the field of entertainment. The country can boast of some of the best and talented entertainers in Africa.

In fact, South African is the origin of some of the top trending music genres in the continent like; Amapiano, Gqom, Kwaito, Maskandi etc. Also, in other established genres like rap, afro-pop etc, South Africa also has some artists who can contend with other African singers.

In the music scene, mostly every week or once in a while, new artists tend to come up to the limelight as fans reward hardworking artists by following up on them, and so making them gain some relevance. This can be said to be the case of Dj Ermy.

Dj Ermy

Dj Army is a young South African Dj, mixer and song writer. He has been in the music industry for close to a decade but luck has smiled on him as he is currently getting noticed by many South African music lovers.

The young artist who is still in his mid 20’s was born and raised in South Africa, and clearly, he started to make music while he was still a teenager.

He has a decent following on his social media, and he is most prominent on Facebook and YouTube where he has 30k + followers and 8k subscribers (1 Million + views) respectively.

Just as many South African Djs, Ermy currently accepts to perform at events, birthdays or other places. Most of the time however, he does a private mix in his studio and shares on his various social platforms.

The South African artist whose real name is Ermon Markus has lots of songs and mixes to his name, he in fact released a Tribute Mix dedicated to the deceased hiphop rapper AKA, and on his YouTube channel, the video mix currently has 32k views.

Asides the Tribute Mix, some of his best performing projects which he shared on his youTube channel are as follows;

Dj Ermy Sunday Chill Mix 1, currently has 121k views on YouTube and spans for a period of 1hr5mins.

Dj Ermy Local Amapiano Mix 2 which he released laster year, in 2023 currently has a total view of 88k and spans for a period of 35mins 21 secs.

DJ Ermy Jazzy Vibes is the best performing mix by the Dj as 310k people have listened to the mix and most of which upvoted the song mix on his YouTube channel. The mix lasts for a period of 41 minutes.

There are many other mixes which are available on his YouTube channel, and you can listen to as many as you wish.

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