May 18, 2024

When Is Dj Jaivane Releasing A New Amapiano Album

When Is Dj Jaivane Releasing A New Album in 2024

Mr. Simnandi is a South African entertainer, an amapiano singer and mixer. The young musician has been sharing new Amapiano music since he became popular. Recently, a lot of people are wondering when Dj Jaivane will be releasing a new amapiano project, especially the next Simnandi and XpensiveClections mix.

Before we head on to the musical achievements of Day Jaivane, let us take a look at who he is, his short biography.

Who is Dj Jaivane

Dj Jaivane aka Mr simnandi is a renowned South African Dj and mixer. The real name of the male artist is Luyanda Mlonzi. he was born on July 9th, 1992. The South African was first nicknamed Dj Jaivane when he stopped working as a cashier at Pick ā€˜nā€™ Pay and began to mix songs and work as a DJ at events.

He once told the story of his beginnings, especially as a Dj. Simnandi revealed that when he began to work as a Dj, he got gigs to serve at ceremonies and events only to be paid with food and drinks.

With time, he perfected the art of song mixing and began to trend on social media for his special talent.

It was not long, he made a friend, a fellow Dj and mixer by name DJ Stokie. Together they began to release amapiano beats, mixes and also perform together as a pair at events.

From there their career as professional Djs and YouTube mixers began, they have ever since been releasing new amapiano songs, albums, playlists and so on.

Dj Jaivane Booking Fee

Currently, he does not accept plates of food and drinks as payments, lol. DJ Jaivane also known as Mr Simnandi has made a great name for himself in the South African music industry, and for that his booking fee is now valued in thousands of Rands.

According to his social media update, the cost of booking Dj Jaivane for an event and performing for one hour is R5,000 and that is the same booking fee as Dj Stokie.

The two have been on different tours since 2019.

When Is Dj Jaivane Releasing A New Project in 2024

Through his talent, Jaiavane has made a lot of fans and followers who keep up with his new musical works, and currently many are willing to know when he is coming off with new amapiano projects.

The most recent amapiano release by Djy Jaivane Sa #simnandi were XpensiveClections Vol 44 and Simnandi Vol 27 Welcoming 2024 Mix, Jaivane announced the coming of his new amapiano single which he named Ulala Kanjani and it featured LeeMckrazy & Skandisoul.

Before the release of the single, he has been sharing random songs via his social media, however he does not release projects (albums, mixtapes, amapiano mixes) as often as his singles.

In 2023, the last mix from Jaivane was on July 7th when he dropped his July Birthday Mix. Asides the mix, he has dropped two other projects in 2023, his 6th Annual J1MS Promo Mix which he dropped on the first week of March, and Simnandi Vol 26 which he dropped in January both of them in 2023.

Last two years 2022, he also dropped mainly 3 amapiano projects which were; his July birthday mix, 5th Annual J1MS Promo Mix and Simnandi Vol 26.

When Next Is He Releasing An Amapiano Album

For the rest of 2024, we still expect Dj Jaivane to release a few more singles or even some random mixes. However, his major projects should be expected later in 2024.

His next major projects (amapiano album and mixtapes) should be as follows; his July Birthday Mix, 7th Annual J1MS Promo Mix, Simnandi Vol 28. Asides the first mixtape which mostly comes days before his birthday in July, the other two projects will surely be released towards the end of 2024.

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