May 18, 2024

Who Is Eemoh? Gender Age, Real Name, Pictures, Ithuba Song

Who Is Eemoh? His Gender, Age, Real Name, Pictures, Is Emoh A boy or girl?, Girlfriend, Gender Reveal, Ithuba Song

Eemoh as an artist has gathered lots of attention to himself, and many have been wondering about a few things about the controversial South African amapiano singer. Due to his looks, voice, dress style, many have been wondering the real gender of Eemoh, who he is, his biography, girlfriend, real name and real age etc. In the course of all the trending headlines, he went ahead to make it more spicy by sharing some women’s picture which many presume to be his date.

Thus, a lot of people were wondering more if he is dating, married etc. Some of these questions are what we have decided to address on this page, so read on as we shed more ligh about the South African artist’s profile.

Who Is Eemoh?

Biography – Eemoh is a South African amapiano singer, song writer, performer and producer. His real and biological name is Nqubeko Mbuliso Shangase, and he is currently signed with the Universal Music and Aces of Spade Records.

The male artist broke into the South African internet last year, March 2023 after he linked up with both Sam Deep and Da Muziqal Chef to release a wonderful amapiano song called iMpumelelo. Immediately after the song was dropped it topped the South African music charts and displaced lots of other existing amapiano songs.

Eemoh was born and raised in a small village called Untunjambili, Kranskop in KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. He is a graduate who finished his high school from Kranskop in 2016 and gained admission at the University of KwaZulu-Natal where he studied LLB and graduated in 2021.

How Old is Eemoh?

As a youngster, his age has always been up for debate, but here we have the real age of the young singer. Eemoh, Nqubeko Mbuliso Shangase was born on July 23rd, 1999.

As of 2024, Eemoh is 23 years old, and he celebrates his birthdays in July. His birth place is Untunjambili, Kranskop in KwaZulu-Natal.

Eemoh’s Real Name

The young artist is simply referred to as Eemoh which some people also mistake for Emmoh, but we know that is not his real name. The real and birth name of Eemoh is Nqubeko Mbuliso Shangase, but he loves to be referred to as Eemoh, which is his music name.

Amapiano Music Career

Eemoh confirmed he started music while he was still very tender. He dated his music career back to 2011 when he was in Grade 7 in Vusizwe Primary School, same year he proceeded to record his first song in the studio. He confirmed also that after a year, he ventured into more genres like Kwaito, Maskandi, Hiphop etc.

In 2014, he formed a music group with some of his friends, and they called themselves Fuego Gang. According to him, they had a complete team, with camera man, singer, actor, Dj etc.

In 2026, he completed his matric, then he decided to go solo, and has been sharing new music from his university days till date.

In 2021, he dropped his first EP, New Wave King which was a Hiphop music. Shortly after, he moved to the amapiano genre there he made a name for himself.

In 2023, he became an online sensation with the release of his song, with Sam Deep and Da Muziqal Chef. Asides the music, he also has shared tonnes of other good amapiano songs like his music with Master Kg, Harrycane and Dj Latimmy called Dubula, Masithokoze ft DJ Stokie, Sgudi Snyc song assisted by Da Muziqal Chef, De Mthuda and Sipho Magudulela.

Eemoh Gender Reveal: Is Eemoh A Boy Or Girl?

Since his popular music releases in 2021, people were curios to know more about the artist behind the beautiful songs, however many tend to get confused when they began to see his pictures. On his pictures, he looks rather like a woman who dresses like a boy, and many of his fans though he was a lesbian woman.

Perhaps he knew about this as he has addressed the issue on many occasions and once came online to talk about how a taxi man referred to him as a woman.

Then, he did not specify his sexuality, nor talk about his love life so many assumed he was a girl who was perhaps into girls too.

He later shared a picture of himself with a lady whom many of his fans immediately presumed to be his girlfriend.


He never revealed his relationship status, but it is apparent he has a girlfriend as he has shared more pictures with the lady a few more times. From our investigations, he has not done the traditional rights to officially make the lady his wife, so it is safe to say that they are dating now.

Ithuba Song By Eemoh

One of his impressive tracks is his Ithuba music. where he worked closely with some top amapiano stars like De Mthuda, Da Muziqal Chef, and Kwiish SA. The song was dropped in May 2023, and has since been a common music in the amapiano scene.

You can visit his Instagram Page to view his recent pictures, and for contact, and booking details, please reach out to him via mail – [email protected] and his mobile number, 0736465592.

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