May 18, 2024

Jacobeth Thobakgale Real Name, Age, Biography, Skeem Saam

Jacobeth Thobakgale Real Name, Age, Biography, Skeem Saam

The South African drama, Skeem Saam tells the tales of boys transitioning to manhood. It shares more insight about today’s male children and the tough challenges they pass through. The movie there focused on Turfloop High School, where young boys are educated and sent to the society, and in that school, Principal Jacobeth Thobakgale was a strict and disciplined person whom many people did not like her pattern of life.

Her role and challenges she faced herself made a lot of people to gain interest in her, and so viewers have been interested to know the real name, biography, age, and even the husband of the female principal, Jacobeth Thobakgale on the Skeem Saam drama series.

Jacobeth Thobakgale Biography

The real name of the female actress is Elizabeth Serunye who was born on the 12th of March, 1971. She is a renowned South African singer who focuses on the gospel genre and also a prolific actress. Asides Skeem Saam, she has also debuted in various South African drama series, and asides being known as Jacobeth Thobakgale from Skeem Saam, she is also popular for taking the role of Mapaseka Montsho in Moferefere Lenyalong.

Serunye Elizabeth began her acting training many decades ago in her hometown. She stated that she had no much motivation as mist of her neighbors were not blacks, however she registered with an academy in 1986.

Jacobeth Thobakgale Age

For a lot of her followers and Skeem Saam viewers who wish to know how old Elizabeth Serunye is, the fact is that she was born on March 12th, 1971. Elizabeth is currently 53 years old in 2024. She lives currently in Limpopo, a town in South Africa, but she was born and raised in a village called Alexandra, northern township of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Acting Career

Asides Skeem Saam, Jacobeth Thobakgale had debuted in other drama series like in the comedy series City Ses’la where she premiered in the season 2 as Zinzile. She also showed up on soap opera Rhythm City as Rose.

While she was 23, she got herself an acting role on Generations there she started a street vending venture. She once stated she sold cakes for 5R on the streets to people who were rushing to work and school in the morning.

Elizabeth Serunye As Jacobeth Thobakgale On Skeem Saam

She played the role of a strict principal named Jacobeth Thobakgale, this is where her titled as principal Jacobeth Thobakgale came from.

While being a principal, she apparently went through lots of challenges as a principal administrator of Turfloop High School.

Her loyal friend, Alfred Magongwa, some other teachers and admins teamed up, plotted against her and removed her from her job.

The school released an official statement stating that she was removed as a result of mismanagement and corruption with the treasury of the school.

She lost the job and in the process became a drug user, junkie and depressed. Her daughter, Elizabeth Thobakgale was the only one who was there for here.

Later on, she picked herself up and decided to fight the dirty leadership and corrupt administration, and luckily, she won her case and they individuals behind her plot where exposed.

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