May 18, 2024

Angelina jantjies From Suidooster Real Name

Angelina jantjies From Suidooster Real Name, Age & Net Worth

There are a lot of talents who are in South Africa, many of whom are yet to be harnessed, one of these is Angelina jantjies From Suidooster. Angelina is a known South African female actress, and here we have some information about her, like her real name, how old she is, net worth, etc.

Angie Suidooster Real Name

She is popular by the name, Angelina jantjies From Suidooster but her real name is Char Carrie

Angelina is an internet sensation who became popular for taking up her role on Suidooster, a South African drama series.

Angie also known as Carrie is an educated actress who loves to tell the story about her life, from her childhood to her current stage in life.

She is currently active on Instagram, and you can follow her via

Angelina jantjies From Suidooster Biography

Angelina jantjies From Suidooster is also mostly referred to as Char. She is usually called Angie for short. Angie is a beautiful South Africa  TV personality, actress, and socialite. She became quite popular for her role in the movie, Suidooster.

Her childhood, according to her was very difficult because money was scarce while growing up, but she worked regardless to be a known figure today.

Angie whose name is Angelina jantjies was born and raised in Western Cape located in South Africa. From young age, she had the passion for acting and drama. In an interview, she revealed that she started to act while she was still 5 years old.

Carrie, as she is sometimes called is also an educated young lady, she attended a university and bagged a degree in bachelor of arts. She became a professional in acting for camera. Angie, is also very passionate about storytelling, and she tells fascinating stories, sometimes, about herself.

After her education, she began to work to take care of herself, while looking out for spaces where she could fill in as an actress. The female TV personality has been very hardworking, right from his younger age. While she was a student, she worked as a sales person for a Small Appliances Department, and also she doubled as a relief cashier.

Angelina has always been a bright, bubbly, and colourful person who wants a place in this world she fits in, where she can make real change and be recognized, especially in the acting industry.

Acting Role

From five years old, she began to show keen interest in acting. All her life decisions have been channeled towards becoming a professional actress, from childhood hobby to her education, to her career.

Angie loves story telling and when she was first engaged as a screencast, she was just there as a cast, but as time passed by, she was called back and then became a permanent cast.

She plays a very beautiful role in Suidooster, and she does not shy away from challenging roles, her movie roles has been interesting and so every person who watches will love to keep seeing her on screen.

While in an interview, she revealed some things about her, especially when she began as a professional actress. She stated that at first, it was really intimidating to work closely with other established and experienced actors and actresses. She stated that she did not want to embarrass herself in the presence of these experienced actors, though she also hinted that her confidence has been topnotch. Despite her fears and worries, she claimed that she was loved by everyone, even added that she received tips and advice from most of them.

Angie Jantjies From Suidooster Age

Many never knew the real age of Angie from Suidooster who is also known as Char Carrie. We have however done some research, to ascertain the real age of the female celebrity.

As of 2024, Angelina jantjies From Suidooster is 24 years old. She was born in the year 2000.


The real worth of the female entertainer is not confirmed yet. Maybe, she will talk about it in the future, but so far there has been no publication or document to show how much she may worth.

By our own estimation however, we can tell that Angie from Suidooster is worth about $50,000 – $100,000.

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