May 18, 2024

Producers Of “Mnike” Request For Money From Tyler ICU

Producers Of “Mnike” Request For Money From Tyler ICU

Earlier this year, the South African reputable amapiano artists, Tyler ICU, Tumelo_za came through to release a wonderful piano music, Mnike. The track was assisted by the likes of some artists like; Nandipha808, DJ Maphorisa, Tyron Dee and Ceeka RSA.

Since the music release, it has risen to a critical acclaim, with the song having millions of views on just YouTube alone.

The lead singer Tyler ICU has been called out by the team who produced the amapiano hit track Mnike.

Tyler ICU is a known South African amapiano Dj, singer, and producer. He has worked very closely with some of the biggest names in the South African music scene. On the music Mnike, he was assisted by the likes of Nandipha808, Tyron Dee, DJ Maphorisa and Ceeka RSA.

After the song was released, it immediately became a hit, being played in various TV and radio stations, and on the digital platforms, it gathered millions of views just within a few days.

Few months later, the lead producers of the song, Nandipha and Ceeka are now calling out the lease artist, Tyler ICU and are requesting for money.

In their official release, they claimed that the singer Tyler ICU claimed exclusive credit for the release and success of the song.

In all these, Dj Maphorisa’s voice was not heard as he kept mute, then social media users began to suspect that there could be foul play, in which DJ Maphorisa could be involved.

Some in fact believed that Dj Maphorisa was the one who was in charge of paying the song producer, but seemed to have withheld the money.

The truth is not known, and till now, there has been no clarification on exactly what happened.

Be that as it may, we hope that the amapiano artists settle their differences, and she more nice music.

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