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Sharon From Muvhango, Real Name, And Biography

Sharon From Muvhango, Real Name, And Biography

You might know her as Marang Motsaledi from the Primetime Soap Opera Muvhnago, but her real name is Sharon Seno. Due to her pretty face and incredible acting skills, she has managed to garner an unbelievable number of fans who want to know just about everything there is to know about her life. If you are one of such fans, stick around because we are here to tell you the real name, biography, and all there is to know about Sharon Seno from Muvhango.

Full & real name Sharon Seno
Known stage name Marang in Muvhango
Age 29 as of 2023
Date of birth 12th June 1994
Net worth $100,000 to $400,000
Salary Not Known
Place of birth Kanye, Botswana
Nationality Botswana
Occupation Actress, model, and media personality
Height 1.7 m tall
Marital status Single
Parents (Father/Mother) Mother: Naledi Seno
Child/children No children
Known relatives (brothers/ sisters) Elder brother: Thabiso

Younger brother: Talent

Educational Qualification Not Known
Hairstyle Braids/wigs
Social media Instagram: @iamsharonseno

Twitter: @IamSharonSneo

Facebook: Sharon Seno

Contact details Not Known

Sharon From Muvhango Real Name

Her real name is Sharon Seno. Some people do call her Marang because that is the character she played in the popular soap opera Muvhango.

Sharon From Muvhango Biography

Sharon Seno was born on 12th June 1994 in Kanye, Botswana. Even though Sharon was born in Botswana, she moved to South Africa for the main purpose of pursuing her career in entertainment. Since she was born in Botswana, she speaks Setswana and English fluently. The actress might have been born and raised in modest living conditions, but she had a big heart and goals that were larger than what you might imagine. She always wanted to be in the entertainment industry and that was exactly what she did.

Although little information is known about her father, her mother is called Naledi Seno. Right from the beginning, Naledi was very intentional about supporting Sharon’s career dreams and aspirations and even went as far as taking her to auditions as a means to show her support. Speaking of Sharon’s family, she has two brothers; the older one is Thabiso who is an architect, and the younger one called Talent who is into plant mechanics. Sharon does not have fancy educational qualifications like her siblings, but she is exceptionally skilled at acting and modeling which goes to prove that her talent is innate. However, she still maintains that she would love to go back and further her education very soon and we love that for her.

Growing up

It wasn’t easy for Sharon growing up as a teenager. The beauty standards of her time did not celebrate the features that she had, especially her obvious height. She admitted to being bullied because he was tall and admitted that this took a toll on her confidence and overall self-esteem. Sharon’s mother has been a source of encouragement to her daughter who was at the time struggling with low self-esteem. It was her mother that always kept reminding her that she was beautiful despite what others said.

Fortunately, Sharon started to believe it when a modeling agency discovered her and reached out to her to join them. It was then that Sharon Seno started to realize that the very traits that kids used to bully her for were what modeling agencies were looking for. Apart from modeling and all, Sharon simply learned to be confident and not be put down by what other people thought about her. This story just goes to show how fleeting the beauty standards of society are. You can be considered ugly in one place and change environment and the people there consider you to be extremely beautiful. In all, it’s important not to base our self-esteem on how people view us because that can change in a split second.


The Botswana-born beauty is a raw talent when it comes to the entertainment industry. She’s been in beauty pageants functioning in many capacities as a model and a beauty pageant judge. Sharon’s journey to fame really started to pay off when she made it to the Top 5 in the Miss Botswana competition. As you already know, she is well into acting with her role in Muvhango launching her further into stardom.

Sharon in Muvhango

When Sharon scored the role of Marang Motsoaledi, she must have been pretty excited given the scale of the show. However, she would have never envisaged just how much the project would thrust her into the limelight. Contrary to what many people might think, Sharon was not given the role on a golden platter. She had to work hard and perform excellently in all her auditions before she was given the opportunity to feature in the popular soapie. She went ahead to do justice in portraying the character while making it look too easy. Sharon even said that she could relate to the character of Marang and she was even able to identify many similar traits that they shared in common.

Muvhnago has now become a platform on which Sharon has built a solid fanbase of people from around the world. Even now, she continues to strive to get better at her skill as she does not want to rest on her laurels.

Love life

Sharon has proved that she is not one to be out and about concerning her private life. Despite the speculations surrounding who she is dating and whatnot, she has refused to publicly state if she has a boyfriend or not. As far as we know, she is single, except, of course, she comes out to debunk that opinion.


Since 1997, Muvhango has been entertaining fans in South Africa and beyond. It has been amazing to see how it has managed to stay relevant even after all these years. The show has showcased already made starts and has also played a huge role in giving some actors their big break. It might have been Sharon Seno playing Marang today, but we never know which new actor will be introduced to the captivating show.

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